Miley Cyrus Honors Cleavage at CNN Heroes Celebration

Among the au natural girls, is it possible that Miley Cyrus has some of the nicer pert set?

The nineteen years young diva stole the show at the CNN Heroes celebration tonight honoring the year-end list of heroes selected by the cable news organization. Sadly, there was no category for cleavage most likely to induce feelings of good will, or Miley would have taken home an award tonight as well.

Joining Miley in the mini-hotness parade were other decked out sextastic celebs including the delightful delicious Emma Roberts, lean hot machine, AnnaLynne McCord, and the statuesque and sweat-inducing Brooklyn Decker, who seems to be everywhere these days, including the South of France with me in a private bungalow if my dreams are to be believed. A nice slice of all grow’d up epic hotness at the Shrine Auditorium tonight. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Chokes Down A Lengthy Wiener

Well, leave it to eighteen-year old Miley Cyrus to take a cliche double-entendre, suck on it for a while, massage it down her windpipe, and make it all come out family wholesome. The barely legal body flashing pop star took a break from her worldwide (minus the U.S.) concert tour to come home for a short break and gobble up a couple homemade meat links, an art apparently passed down from mom to daughter. Hot dog eating that is. And tats. Oh, also fellatio. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Exclusive Bikini Pictures For a Show of the Teen Pop Star’s Pop Tarts

Gravelly voiced but minxy chicky bodied Miley Cyrus doesn’t often give full on bikini top and bottom views of her blossomed teen body, but when she does, we definitely want you to ogle them good and long and… well, you get the idea.
miley cyrus bikini malibu 01 435x580 Miley Cyrus Exclusive Bikini Pictures For a Show of the Teen Pop Star’s Pop Tarts miley cyrus news

Miley Cyrus Flashes Full-On Mammaries Through See-Through Top!

Oh, how Miley Cyrus likes to toy with us with her various see-through tops and wardrobe malfunctions and bra peeks, but last night she went out full on see-through top and no bra and flashed the ever-ready eyes of Egotastic! a solid view of her mammaries; I think it’s fair to say we now have a very clear idea of what Miley looks like topless (for those of you constantly sending in shopped photos of the superstar young diva).

Oh, some days are rough days, and some days are good days, but days where we get to see Miley Cyrus see-through to her bare funbags, yep, a great day indeed. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Amazing Cleavage for Charity of the Day

The highlight of my weekend was not sitting on my creepy neighbor’s couch trying to drink his shitty homemade wine because I was hoping to get drunk for free before hitting the streets looking for the tail end of the office Christmas parties going on around the city….you know the table scraps of lonely secretaries…while he was watching some first annual giving awards or some shit…the kind of show that would make me want to commit suicide and ignore the resources one of the winners created and is being honored for to prevent people from committing suicide….but Miley’s tits looked awesome and here are the pics.
20111212 Miley Cyrus Cleavage Amazing Miley Cyrus Amazing Cleavage for Charity of the Day miley cyrus news

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